chiang mai girls Bar girls and go go bars in Chiang Mai

chiang mai girls Bar girls and go go bars in Chiang Mai
Bar girls: where to find bar girl in chiang Mai
Most of the Chiang Mai bar scene is confined to the Western end of Loi Kroh road, There is also a small cluster of bars at rear of the Night Market in the Peak Entertainment area near the Foxy Lady Go Go. It’s small compared to other tourist centres but offers a decent choice.

Like every tourist place in Thailand Chiang Mai has its bar girls scene, catering to foreigners and visiting Thais. It’s a prominent attraction in the city, with some areas given over to bars full of girls for hire. Compared to Bangkok, Pattaya or Patong it’s far more casual, less raunchy or intense and generally cheaper.


The most obvious place to head is Loi Kroh road at the moat junction, where you’ll have trouble walking down the street without being distracted by ‘helloooo, you’re welcome’. If you cross over to the inside (Old Town) you’ll find another cluster as you walk towards Thapae Gate, these are bit more tame. One of the go go bars, Spotlight, is on the outside of the moat, near Thapae gate.

The other area, in the Peak Complex (Northern end of the Night Market street, left side), is a bit neglected and many are gay, but the best go go bar in town, certainly with the sexiest girls, is Foxy Lady. You can find it behind the D2 hotel or by exiting the rear of the Vieng Ping Night Bazaar arcade. It has by far the sexiest girls, and a decent atmosphere, no drinks rip offs either.

You can also try your luck with karaoke bars. This appeals mostly to Asian men who hire girls to sing with them, usually in private rooms. The girls are generally very young, very pretty, speak very little English and don’t often agree to ‘go with customers’. Some do but the bar fine (on top of the 200 baht hourly ‘singing fee’) is 500 baht or more. There are some of these on the inside of the moat near Loi Kroh, but the biggest selection is found at the bottom end of Chang Klan road (south of the Night Bazaar) and down Chiang Mai Land avenue. It’s a fun experience for the shy.

When you enter a bar you can site alone until you’ve spotted a girl you like (they’ll make eye contact), and if you don’t make any moves one will come up and sit with you. There’s no pressure (like Bangkok’s Nana Plaza), the girl will ask for a drink - known as a ‘lady drink’ which is watered down and a set price (about 120 baht - some of it goes to the girls). Buy them a beer if you want to get them drunk. They’ll play pool with you, make light conversation in their limited English and wait for you to ask them to go home with them. It’s that simple.

Go go bars: are slightly different in that girls also dance on a stage in bikinis and costumes and are far more sexy. When not dancing they come and sit with you, or you can ‘order’ them from off the stage. These places are more discreet, not open to the street like most others and have a darker atmosphere. Some have private rooms upstairs. You can sit and watch, or blend into a corner.

How much
The basic cost of ‘hiring’ a girl is about 1500 baht. It can get cheaper for short time sessions or freelancing street girls but as a tourist you’ll probably not want to risk an unsatisfactory experience. Obviously you get cheap and nasty girls and you get expensive and sexy girls, and the less they are receiving the less likely they are to give you a really good time. They’re selling their souls so don’t expect to bargain hard and still get a smile on her face.

The first thing you have to take care of is the ‘bar fine’ - a common fee for all bar girls in Chiang Mai and Thailand. This is paid to the bar for taking the girls away, it’s how they earn the money to pay off officials, and it ranges from 200 to 500 depending on the place. In Chiang Mai bar girl fines are usually about 300 unless you’re in a go go bar.

Then you have to negotiate with the girls. This is done in the bar before you pay the bar fine, and usually starts with ‘you go with me?’, ‘You pay bar fine, how much you pay for me’. Girls will go back to a hotel with you for as little as a 1000 baht if its ‘slow’ (ie lots more girls than tourists in the bar), or you’re not too old and ugly. They will also offer you ‘short time’ (a few hours) or long time (all night) depending on what you’re willing to pay. The more sexy and popular the girl is the more she’ll ask for, so it’s worth trying your luck with several girls to get an idea first. Of course this involves buying quite a few ‘lady drinks’, so you might not save anything, and it depends on how new you are, as bar girls are good at sensing when you’re fresh off the plane.

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